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Olympus has Fallen

Tony Green

I'm more than happy to think that my thoughts on "Olympus has Fallen" are coloured by the fact that I was in Manila, in my final hours before I flew back home after two weeks being away bringing religion to the natives. I was tired and looking for something to kill a few hours, I'd have likely watched Scary Movie 5 if it was the only option..... well, maybe not.

I'm not going to do a full review, I've no idea how to do that (Rotton Tomatoes does a much better job with their review), but I can say what I thought of it. My initial though was this would have made a great Die Hard sequel, if they could figure out how to get John McClane into the White House. I came up with 5 options that I remember, the best being that he'd taken up a role as a ballet teacher, who's class was on a field trip to Decatur House but found it was closed and went for the White House as their backup option.

The action started pretty normally, but quickly ramped up to a visceral level which I've not seen in many recent films. Not overdone, but effective.

The sudden change from standard action schlock to surprisingly effective action movie was sudden (the AC-130 unveiling at the start of act 2) and was kept up until the end of act 2. Act 3 returns more to the stereotypical Hollywood action fare, but still at the higher end.

Overall very impressed and a great way to spend 2 hours, before rushing back to the hotel to grab my bags and head to the worst airport in the world... but that's a story for another day.