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That's what I get.....

Tony Green

..... for taking two weeks off to do a trip to Manila.

My Omnifocus needs some love and attention. Spending two weeks teaching GTD certainly has put me in the right mindset to overhaul my system and clean house though.

Screen Shot 2013-04-17 at 10.07.43 PM.png

One lesson I really did learn when carrying out the training, was the importance of teaching about a start date, reoccurances and sequential ordering in tasks.

Being able to plan in tasks which happen every year or two (license renewals, insurance, maintence of certifications etc) means you're really freed up to concentrate on the day to day.

I regularly get next actions popping up into my lists for things I had no idea were coming up, but had been appropriately planned and parked when they were in my mind.

Add that to the wonderful Omnifocus templates and you've got a real digital version of a tickler file, without the headache of actually maintaining it.