Using Let's Encrypt with the Puppet Enterprise console

Had an itch I’ve been meaning to scratch for a while. I build my Puppet environment using Terraform, which makes it nice and easy to tear things down and rebuild them. That is great, but it does leave me with an issue when it comes to the console SSL certificates.

os_patching in the news

I’ve been working on an article about my puppet os_patching module for a while. I finally finished it a couple of weeks ago and it’s been picked up by

Moving to github pages

I’ve moved the site over to Github pages, it’s early days but I’m really enjoying being able to manage the whole site as a plain text repo.

Using Terraform and Puppet Bolt together ... Terrabolt? Boltform?

I was playing around with Terraform and GCP the other day to run up a couple of different environments. It niggled me that I needed to hack around to get my instances working with Puppet, sure it was only a provisioning script, but it still lacked elegance.

@waiting for, @agenda, delegation and OmniFocus

There was a kink in my workflow for OmniFocus for quite a while, I could never find the right way to handle items I’ve delegated to or need feedback from others on. There are dozens of different workflows that I’ve seen out on the interwebs but none of them fitted right.

Inside OmniFocus by OmniGroup

I was stunned to find that the OmniGroup mentioned my project layout post on the new Inside OmniFocus Collected page.  OmniGroup have always been great at building a community around their products, it’s great to see them pulling together some tricks and tips into a portal like this.

OmniFocus Quick Wins

Could it be?  Yes, it is, another OmniFocus workflow post.

OmniFocus Project Layout

We’ve been having a lot of discussions about Omnifocus at the Sydney GTD Meet-Up over the last few weeks. One of the common questions is around how to lay out the projects view.

Digital Tickler File on macOS Using Hazel

I’ve never really found a place in my physical life for a tickler file in my Getting Things Done workflow, they seem like a great idea but I have no real world paper to manage.

Monospace font joy

I really love writing in a decent mono-spaced, non-serif, font. From hacking in the vim to writing Markdown in nvAlt, having a nice font seems to make things just a little more motivating.